Knock Knock, Oxygen & Extremis

It’s been a few weeks since I last posted a review and since then we have had three more episodes. Firstly there was Knock Knock which I quite liked. David Suchet was really creepy as was the house that the story was set it. The actual plot of the episode was helped by the creepy house and the twist which came at the end was quite good and some may have rolled their eyes at this but it was perhaps the best way to wrap things up. The next episode Oxygen is one that most people rate quite highly but for some reason it never connected with me in the way that other episodes did. I may have to watch it again to see if I missed something but it wasn’t a bad episode by any stretch of the imagination.

By this stage, I was thinking that the light hearted tone that the show had adapted seems to have gone a bit darker. That was confirmed with last nights episode Extremis. The Doctor is now blind and the Pope is in the TARDIS. That is something that I wouldn’t have expected to write or see. I thought that it was one of the best episodes that Steven Moffat has written for some time. I thought that Missy was well used in this episode and perhaps the most creative way since Michelle Gomez first appeared. This was another good episode and I think that its been one of the strongest series since Matt Smith’s debut series. It’s the series that Peter Capaldi’s Doctor deserves and the second half of the series looks like it is going to be just as good as the first.


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