Thin Ice



I thought that it was a refreshing change that this episode started pretty much from the previous episode. It harks back to the days of the early years with William Hartnell and the Peter Davison days.

I thought that this was another sound episode. It didn’t quite have the same effect on me that the previous two episodes had but that doesn’t mean the episode wasn’t fun to watch. What did stand out for me was the racial undertone that the story had. Taking someone with different skin colour back in time when the attitude to anyone non-white was poorly judged at best was something that had been dealt with when Martha was taken back to meet William Shakespeare in The Shakespeare’s Code back in 2007. For me the best moment of the episode was when the Doctor punched Lord Sutcliffe. Normally the idea of the Doctor punching someone would have been met with outcry but in this context it was perfectly satisfying.

There was a good amount of development between the relationship of the Doctor and Bill. Bill sees her first death and its a perfectly normal reaction. Her reaction to the Doctor’s reaction is also interesting and this is the first time that these two have had anything come close to a disagreement and the Doctor’s response is what you would expect. I thought that this was another solid performance from Peter Capaldi and the speech he gives about humanity is coming close to being one of my favourites.

Thin Ice was another good episode and the end of the episode gave a bit more about the vault. It reminded of the good old days when there was just enough to get everyone excited but not too much. I’m not convinced that its John Simm’s Master even though there was some knocking, I don’t think that its Susan or any timelord. What is behind those doors is either something that is going to be the best thing ever or extremely disappointing. I hope its the former cause it will just give the Moffat haters even more ammunition.


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