Well, every Saturday (almost) I go to my friends house to watch movies and Doctor Who and I got asked on more than one occasion “What time is Doctor Who on?”. I have missed being asked that question. I had to watch the last 10 minutes of Pointless with ‘celebrities’ that I didn’t recognise. I couldn’t even bothered to Google who they were. But that doesn’t matter. What does matter is that Doctor Who is back!

I have been looking forward to this for weeks. I haven’t been this excited for a new series for a long time. I don’t think that its because we didn’t get a series in 2016 but more because this is the first series not to feature Clara and I am warming to the dislike for here character. I also think that the buzz around who the new Doctor will be is added to the excitement.

I thought that the episode was ok. I enjoyed it don’t get me wrong but I would be lying if I could say it was the best opening story but to be it was more what it represented than the actual plot. The introduction of Bill was the most important aspect of this story in my mind because it needed to introduce Bill in the right way. Clara never really got that sort of time and so if you think about it, its been seven years since Amy got to drive the story. I thought that Bill was a good character who asked a lot of questions and normally that would annoy me but actually worked and it was the questions she asked that made it work. Her sexuality also got used in this story but I wondered how this was going to be dealt with at 7:20 on a Saturday evening. I thought it was dealt with in a good way and used quite creatively to get Bill into the story without making it seem contrived.

I thought that Peter Capaldi was really good in this episode. There seemed to be a freshness to his performance that we haven’t seen before. I don’t know if its the fact there was a gap between series or he knows he wont be doing this for much longer but there was a different vibe from him in this episode. Matt Lucas is a very good addition to the TARDIS crew and I suspect in years to come he wont get much of a mention because he is essentially the comedy relief but he isn’t wasted and works well with Capaldi. As a trio, I think that they work well together and there is a different more refreshing dynamic to the TARDIS crew.

The whole thing about the puddle and the water was perhaps the one aspect of this story that didn’t quite work. I kind of lost interest with all that as I was paying more attention to how the Doctor and Bill were working together. I think the idea of making a menace out of a puddle will make young kids scared of puddles. There scorch marks around the puddle did remind me of the scorch marks in Remembrance of the Daleks and the Daleks did make an appearance which was sort of suggested but this story saw the return of the Movellans who previously appeared in Destiny of the Daleks back in 1979. I liked the idea of them coming back and would have liked to have them feature a bit more in a story in the future.

The Pilot hits the refresh button for the show and does so in a good way. I thought it was well written by Moffat and well directed by Lawrence Gough making his debut in the series. The big reveal in the run up to the series was that John Simm would be returning as the Master as well as Michelle Gomez’s Missy. He appears in a blink and you’ll miss it shot at the end of the coming up bit. There is a nice sense of mystery about what is in the vault, I don’t know if this is the series arc but it was nice wondering just what could be behind the doors.

So Capaldi’s final series starts off very well. Not a classic but still something to enjoy just for what it manages to get right as opposed to what it got wrong. I don’t think those that hate Moffat will want to admit for a second that he wrote a good episode (i’m imagining a shrug of shoulders) but he did and next week’s episode is one that makes emoji’s seem evil.


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