Another Awards Update

This is the final update of the Awards. Here is a quick list of who is leading each of the individual categories. There are a few categories that have more than one person in the lead.

Voting will close in one at 6pm. I will post the full results shortly afterwards.

Doctor – Colin Baker
Companion – Lisa Greenwood

Main Range
Story – The Two Masters
Writer – John Dorney (The Two Masters)
Director – Jamie Anderson (The Two Masters)
Music & Sound Designer – Nigel Fairs (The Peterloo Massacre)
Cover Designer – Simon Holub (Order of the Daleks)
Series – Fifth (The Waters of AmsterdamAquitaine/The Peterloo Massacre)

Fourth Doctor Adventures
Story – The Trouble With Drax
Writer – John Dorney (The Trouble With Drax)
Director – Nicholas Briggs (The Trouble With Drax)
Music & Sound Designer – Jamie Robertson (The Trouble With Drax)
Cover Designer – Anthony Lamb (The Labyrinth of Buda Castle)

The Early Adventures
Story – The Sontarans
Writer – Simon Guerrier (The Sontarans)
Director – Ken Bentley (The Sontarans)
Music & Sound Designer – Toby Hrycek-Robinson (The Sontarans)
Cover Designer – Tom Webster (The Ravelli Conspiracy)

The Churchill Years
Story – Living History
Writer – Justin Richards (Living History)

Torchwood Story – Made You Look & Outbreak Writer – Joseph Lidster (Broken)

Short Trips Story – A Full Life Writer – Joseph Lidster (A Full Life) Performer – Matthew Waterhouse (A Full Life), Peter Purves (This Sporting Life)

War Doctor
Story – The Neverwhen
Writer – Matt Fitton (The Neverwhen)

Doom Coalition
Story – Absent Friends
Writer – John Dorney (Absent Friends)

Novel Adaptions
Story – Cold Fusion
Adaptor – Lance Parkin (Cold Fusion)
Director – Jamie Anderson (Cold Fusion)
Music & Sound Designer – Fool Circle Productions (Cold Fusion)
Cover Designer – Tom Newsom (Cold Fusion)

Jago and Litefoot
Story –The Flickerman
Writer – Simon Barnard & Paul Morris (The Flickerman)

New Adventures of Bernice Summerfield
Story – Planet X Writer – Guy Adams (Planet X)

Third Doctor Adventures
Story – The Transcendence of Ephros
Writer – Guy Adams (The Transcendence of Ephros)

UNIT Story
Story – Square One

Companion Chronicles
Story – The Mouthless Dead
Writer – John Pritchard (The Mouthless Dead)

The Prisoner
Story – Departure and Arrival

The Avengers
Steed and Keel – Nightmare
Steed and Mrs Peel – Return to Castle De’ath

Story – Forgive and Forget/The Second Coming/Angel of Death
Writer – Matt Fitton (Forgive and Forget)

Counter Measures
Story – Who Killed Toby Kinsella?/The Dead Don’t Rise
Writer – Ken Bentley (The Dead Don’t Rise), Guy Adams (Nothing to See Here

Diary of River Song
Story – Five Twenty-Nine
Writer – John Dorney (Five Twenty-Nine)

Classic Doctors, New Monsters
Story – Judoon in Chains
Writer – Simon Barnard & Paul Morris (Judoon in Chains)

The Tenth Doctor Adventures
Story – Death and the Queen
Writer – James Goss (Death and the Queen)

Dan Dare
Story – Voyage to Venus/The Red Moon Mystery/Marooned on Mercury
Writer – Marc Platt (Marooned on Mercury)

Dark Shadows
Story – Blood and Fire

Story – Impossibly Glamorous
Writer – Guy Adams (Big Society) & Steve Lyons (Impossibly Glamorous)

Blake’s 7
Story – Punishment
Writer – Guy Adams (Capital) & (Punishmen)

Story – Return to Sender/Chain of Command/Lights, Cameras, Disaster/Count Anaconda’s Magnificent Orbiting Circus/My Enemy’s Enemy
Writer – Chris Dale (Return to Sender), Geraldine Donaldson (Chain of Command), David Hirsch (Lights, Camera, Disaster), Terry Adlam (Count Anacondas Magnificent Orbiting Circus)

Confession of Dorian Gray
Story – One Must Not Look at Mirrors
Writer – Guy Adams (One Must Not Look at Mirrors)


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