Shockwave (2013)

Shockwave features Sophie Aldred and this is only the second time (to my knowledge) that she has narrated this type of the story. The last time was 2009’s ‘The Prisoner’s Dilemma’ and I haven’t listened to that since then so I couldn’t remember how she sounded but what I liked about this was the difference between Ace and Sophie Aldred. Aldred adopts a posher tone to her delivery whereas she slips easily into doing the London accent of Ace.

The story sees the Doctor and Ace arrive on Tarsus Six where the inhabitants are trying to evacuate the planet before the sun collapses. The whole pacing of the story is quite quick because of the impending doom and I thought that the story was brought alive by Ian Brooker who played Captain OhOne.

As with all of the stories in this range, the 11th Doctor has to make an appearance and whereas in the previous release it happened quite early on in the story, here it happened quite late and it was getting so late that I thought that I had missed it but no it happens and its always fun to see the narrator trying to do an impression of Matt Smith’s Doctor. I thought that it was a good attempt from Aldred and I was also impressed with her attempt at doing a Sylvester McCoy accent. It’s simply not good enough to just have him pop up to match what he has done in previous stories but its good that Swallow has done his short scene in a way that fits the story and the story arc of the series.

James Swallow is an author who has written too little Doctor Who audios in my opinion. He has written the second Cyberman series and also the superb Kingdom of Silver. He is a writer that I rate highly and here he has written a solid story that didn’t get boring, didn’t get predictable and had some strong characters and I thought that Shockwave was another highly enjoyable release.

Rating – 7.79/10


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