The End (2010)

The final part of this series is a very different tale compared to the previous two. This episode seeks to try and tie up all the loose ends. The story has to achieve a lot in just sixty minutes. The one thing that has bugged me slightly about these stories is the lack of any obvious story arc. However what we get in The End is the return of Marek and also a fair amount of stuff from what happened in The Sphere. The story sees Marek return after taking Abbey and Zara to meet Kreekpolt who wants them to bring his daughter back to life. He has spent a fortune trying to go back in time to do this and despite knowing that it would pretty much kill the sisters, he still wants them to help.

I liked how there seemed to be a potential story arc for series two where the Kreekpolt’s daughter seems to be wanting revenge for the death of her father. I think the series would benefit a female villain. I also liked how at the end, once they had resurrected Kreekpolt’s daughter that they decided to turn good and only do good which seems to show that things will settle down for series 2. This was effectivley a look back at the events of the previous two stories, I thought that the moment when they realise that in the bar the crowd are the people who died on the sphere which forced Abbey to realise and acknowledge that her actions have consequences.

This was the best performance from both Ciara Janson and Laura Doddington. I thought that this story really showed what they can do. I actually quite like Marek in this which is a complete u-turn from The Sphere. I cant quite put my finger on what has happened to change my mind on him but his performance was pretty good. David Warner’s appearance in this story was highly welcomed as I always think that Warner is a great actor and brightens up any story he is in.

I listened to this after purchasing the second series so I knew there would be more adventures but even at the time of release I would have suspected that there would be a second series because the ending was left open that was so wide you could park a bus through it. This story was a good way to end the series and as I get ready to listen to Series 2, I can honeslty say that I see why people were getting impatient about the delayed release of series 2.


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