The Fog (2010)

The second story in this Graceless series starts off with a mystery. How can Abbey and Zara be responsible for anything when they have only just arrived in their current location? Abbey and Zara find themselves in a village called Compton which is under attack from something that is hiding in the fog. The story spends a fair amount of time at the beginning really holding back on what’s going on but this only goes on for a little while and then things start getting more interesting and we learn more about the fog. I quite liked this story as opposed to The Sphere. Partly because the setting and partly because the plot because I found it to be something that felt more like a Big Finish adventure. The idea that something hidden is affecting people is something that I love the idea of because I instantly want to know what or who is causing this and I must say that the answer was very good.

David Warner is quite simply a fantastic actor and its a shame that he’s not in more things. He has a wonderful voice and a story is instatnly lifted just by his mere presence. As Daniel he is an important character which has been well written and complements Warner’s style. I also like Patricia Brake as Nan, I thought that she was very good and together these two characters bought a lot of drama and tension to the story. Both Ciara Janson and Laura Doddington were quite good in this story with a much more balanced story for them than there was in The Sphere. The story benefits from not having Marek in it. I thought that just having the two main characters on their own was much better, thus proving the two’s company saying.

The Fog is a nice story that has some great performances and hopefully the final story of this series will complement these stories.


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