Let’s Kill Hitler (2011)

After the mid season break, Doctor Who returns with perhaps the most misjudged title in the shows history. The story sees a pre-title sequence where were reminded of what happened before the break and then the story continues in a corn field where pretty quickly we meet a new person who is a longtime friend of Amy and Rory’s called Melody who is introduced in a quite astonishing way with a big fancy car and pulls a gun on the Doctor uttering the words “Let’s Kill Hitler!”. Now I wasn’t expecting a full-on resolvement from ‘A Good Man Goes To War’ but I think I wasn’t expecting this episode to be as light hearted as previous episodes. The story is set in Berlin in 1938 where we meet possibly the campest version of Hitler ever. After preventing an assisnation attempt Hitler declares that the Doctor saved his life. Now obviously this isnt a good thing but lets be honest we all know how he dies (if not watch Downfall). Now no sooner has he been introduced than he is locked in a cupboard and never heard from again. I do wonder about why they chose Hitler to be the latest historical figure to bring into Doctor Who. His involvement was brief in the extreme and on reflection it was probably the right thing to do because having the most evil man in history in a family show for much longer would probably have caused issue with some of the dumber newspapers such as The Daily Mail etc.

The story sees Melody regenerate into River Song. We learn a lot more about the Silence and also about River Song. Not too much but enough to keep up going for another week. I was glad that first version of Melody we meet didn’t last long as I found her rather annoying. Her death/regeneration scene was her best bit. When River regenerates, she kisses the Doctor but this is psychotic River and so she gives the Doctor some poison and he has 32 minutes before he dies where for some reason he cant regenerate. This leads to a nice little scene where we see a hologram of Rose, Martha, Donna before it settles of young Amy. She uses all her regenerations to save the Doctor. This might be used as an excuse to keep the Doctor from carrying on after his thirteenth incarnation. Regardless it sees the Doctor give River her famous little TARDIS designed book and they leave her to carry on her life.

It does seem like Steven Moffat has been watching the Eddie Murphy film ‘Meet Dave’ where there are a bunch of miniature people inside Eddie Murphy. In LKH, this is done slightly more effectively where the miniature people are some sort of time police who find naughty people in history and towards the end of their timeline ‘give them hell’. What I was more impressed with was how they did their transformation which was a simple effect yet very effective. Also what was quite good was how the people that were copied were zapped inside their android copy and killed by some seaweed like robot who kills them.

All the regulars put in good performances with Rory given the job of punching Adolf Hitler and sticking him the cupboard. However this is really Alex Kingston’s episode as she is the one that poisons the Doctor, escapes on a motorbike (like in The Great Escape) and then storms into a room and forces people to take all of their clothes off. I think that Matt Smith also did a good job but didn’t seem to do a great deal for the first half of the story but once he was in the TARDIS he was back on form and it seems to be another excuse to stick Smith in a Tuxedo but I kind of forgive that because we are introduced to the Sonic Cane. Yes, the show might be 48 years old and the Sonic Screwdriver might be 44 years old but it doesn’t mean that we cant marvel at the Sonic Cane which is just a fabulous Doctor Who creation.

The story is a lot more light hearted story and that’s exactly what we needed. To be honest its nice to have a bit of fun especially considered how dark the stories have been aired so far. It’s nice how we’ve had a bit more background on things and I think that this was the best way the bring back the series. It wasn’t a full-on return and neither did it forget that people would want some more of the story arc. The use of Hitler was limited but if I had an issue with it then it would be that they should have left Hitler out of it because the story would have been just as good without. I get a feeling that the lighter stories have gone for the remainder of the series.


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