The Ratings War (2002)

The Ratings War is another story that was given away by Doctor Who Magazine back in 2002 and written by Steve Lyons. The story sees the ‘return’ of Beep the Meep. I put it like that because I have never read/watched/listened to an adventure with him in it. I am however aware of him so the story wasn’t lost on me. The story seems to have a lot of its story based in reality TV which when this story was released was at its most popular. Big Brother was still relatively new and Pop Idol and other shows were fuelling peoples hunger for this new-ish format. The story is split between the final of a reality show and the Doctor and Beep.

This is the second free re-release that I have listened to (after Living Legend) and its not as much fun as that story. Primarily because I can’t really stand Beep. I think as baddie’s go he is rather feeble. Ok, he sounds cute but his plan is rather lazy and doesn’t have much sense of threat or menace. It’s almost like the Doctor could have saved the day with his eyes closed. The stuff with the reality show was rather annoying as the presenter is the sort of person that you would quite happily slap and it was only the stuff between Beep and the Doctor that was keeping me going. I think that they could easily have cut the reality stuff out and it would have been a much snappier adventure.

As I always say its hard to slate something that is given to us for free however I really cant lie about my feelings about this story and I think that whilst its not a terrible story neither is it a good one. I think that had this being a four parter then it would certainly have struggled and as it is the duration of this (nearly 35 minutes) is just the right length.


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