The Space Pirates (1969)

The Space Pirates is the penultimate story for Second Doctor. It’s a shame that this final season has been so inconistat because when you talk about this season there are stories like The Invasion and The War Games and then there are stories like The Dominators and this dull offering. This is the second story to come from Robert Holmes and he has decided to get the dross of his career done first. The story is about some pirates that are in space and that’s about it. To be honest the story doesn’t really find its footing partly because this business of dealing with pirates in space is poorly handled. The setting could almost be excused but the characters are all pretty poor. In particular the accents were all awful, in particular Gordon Gostelow as Milo. That voice was totally stupid as was General Hermack (Jack May).

This story is way too long at six episodes. Personally I thought that it would be too long at four episodes because there isnt six episodes worth of story. Now normally this is due to the fact that the latter stages are the weakest but in this story it’s the latter stages that are the best. It’s when the story oddly settles down and becomes a lot more interesting. The story spends time where the General thinks that Milo is the baddie and then its only in the latter stages that we find out its not. To be honest a child new to this story could have seen this one coming. You should take my advice and skip to part four because everything you need to know doesn’t come into the story until then.

This story is one of the worst stories in Doctor Who at this point in the shows history. No one benefits from anything in this story and it seems that all the energy was put into the final story as this story lacks anything and I do believe that they should have cut four episodes out of this and made another Cyberman story.


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