Lepidotery for Beginners

Lepidotery for Beginners is a freebie that was given to subscribers but was originally part of a Short Trips Book released in 2008. Written and Read by John Dorney, this story is a Second Doctor, Jamie and Zoe and sees the Doctor arrive on a ship where their presence has been predicted. They encounter Iolas Blue who has a computer that can predict every event in the universe with phenomenal accuracy and that includes predicting the actions that will lead up to their deaths. The Doctor and his friends try and escape but they are thwarted as predicted by the computer when the moment arrives the Doctor, Jamie and Zoe haven’t died and it turns out the computer has lied to its creator and it is infact Blue that will die. Quite expectedly the Doctor tries to save Blue’s life but when he realises that he cant stop it he leaves Blue to his fate.

It’s an interesting story that is well read by Dorney. I think that its good having listened to the volumes of the Short Trips releases that it’s a fine line between what is right for a short story and I think that this wobbles on that line. The story has a lot more time to develop the story than it would normally have, a normal release would have about 10 minutes but this release was nearly 45 minutes and the story benefits from this as despite the odd start it did get going quite quickly. The idea that someone can predict the future is quite a nifty thing but of course there is the sci-fi potential that it could be used to alter the future and make one quite wealthy and powerful. It’s a idea that Dorney has done well with and the resolvement of the story is also quite clever and it could so easily have been a cop-out and a disappointment but thankfully it was a good ending.

It’s hard to give a story a kicking when its free but on this occasion I don’t have to worry about that because even if I had to pay for it I wouldn’t be able to critise it because I enjoyed it and thought that Dorney did a good job.


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