Love & Monsters (2006)

Love and Monsters is the only story that in the new era of Doctor Who that has made me so angry that I was livid. Seriously, never before or since has an episode got to me like this. I thought that I was above it. This is the first of the Doctor-lite episodes that we would become accustom to. The story features very little of either David Tennant or Billie Piper. This seems to have been a decision made because of the filming schedule. This story also sees the appearance of the Abzorbaloff which was the creation of a Blue Peter winner. The story is centred on Elton Pope played by Marc Warren.

To highlight how things have been happening to Elton they wheel out all the Earth bound stories so far. First there is Rose where Autons came back and we get to see Autons break through the shop windows again except we see brand new stuff with Elton in it. Then there is Aliens of London where the ship crashed into Big Ben and then The Christmas Invasion. It’s this that leads to L.I.N.D.A (which gets mentioned in Time Crash). I quite liked L.I.N.D.A because it was a fun little group. They might have been a bit odd but there was a sadness to them because they all have their sad stories. I

Peter Kay is perhaps the biggest name being such a big comedian and being one of the most talked about names in the UK at the time. He plays Victor Kennedy who is the Abzorbaloff. I really like Peter Kay and thought that he should have been given something better. He was trying to do serious but it didn’t quite work and so his contribution should have been more light hearted. Kennedy comes across as a powerful person who is going to use L.I.N.D.A to find the Doctor. He somehow has files from Torchwood files but this is never fully explained. Also there’s not proper explanation how in the scene after Kennedy makes his appearance the room their in turns into a classroom. Or why he’s making the rest of the group come up with the plan when he clearly has the intelligence.

I really don’t like Elton because I think the role has been badly cast. Don’t get me wrong, Marc Warren is a good actor but didn’t really do well in this role. Jackie Tyler makes a return and becomes the love interest zzzzzzzzzzzz. It’s at this stage that any sign of interest that I had left had well and truly gone. Even watching five years later I could feel my blood boiling and getting angry. Whilst watching Jackie and Elton flirting with each other I found myself wondering if I was still watching Doctor Who or whether I’d ended watching some god awful ITV2 or MTV monstrosity.

I did like the design of the Abzorbaloff and despite a kid designing it was quite a good design. It’s just a shame the actor in the role wasn’t on usual form. The idea of an alien absorbing people isn’t original as the theme was discussed in School Reunion. The story does pick up when the Doctor and Rose turn up. It’s at this stage that a glimmer of faith returned. The story of Elton meeting the Doctor as a child is where the interest really was and it was quite sad. The reason why he turned up in Elton’s house, a shadow had arrived and killed his mom. Now I’m sorry but if someone was standing over my mom’s dead body I’d be as p****d as anything and wouldn’t think of the Doctor in a good way. It’s another thing that’s wrong with Love and Monsters. The last thing we see is that Elton and Ursula are going to form a relationship. Human and slab of concrete. It’s the most stupid ridiculous and pointless thing I have ever seen.

Love and Monsters is a terrible story that has very little good going for it and is arguably the weakest story since the show returned. Actually, scratch that it IS the worst since it returned.


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