Pandora (2005)

Panadora is the second of an unofficial two-parter which hopes to clear up the mystery of who this mysterious figure was that arrived and interrupted Romana and Leela’s holiday. The thing that I wanted from this adventure was for a satisfying conclusion to the identity of this mysterious figure and that is exactly what we got and more importantly we got a satisfactory answer. Written by Justin Richards (Red Dawn), this story manages to build on the foundations laid down in Spirit. The story does a great job of balancing the main story arc but also give the conclusion that the mysterious individual deserves.

The replay of what happened to this figure who is called Wynter is truly horrific. We learn that Pandora is planning on using him to help get power but one he realises this he tries to prevent this from happening. as he tries to drink a flask thinking its poison but it is in fact a regenrative mutagen. There is then a sense of desperation as he tries to kill himself with K9’s nose laser and then crushing his hands in a door before biting off his own tounge. This is all in vain as Pandora keeps him alive. This was totally engaging and its one of the finest scenes that I have ever heard in this series. It was brilliantly played by Ian Hallard as Wynter. Another great performance was from Miles Richardson as Cardinal Braxiatel who seems to make the ultimate sacrifice as he tries to control Pandora in his mind but is forced to leave Gallifrey to save. Braxiatel is a very good character that is well played and goes through all the possible character moods but I felt quite sad when he left because I liked the character so much. That said it might not be the last we hear from him.

I have really liked this series so far because the quality of storytelling is far greater than in series one This was a very good conclusion to the unofficial two-parter with the last two stories potentially going to be superb stories. On its own this story benefits from some truly great acting mainly from the supporting cast. I think that the series has found itself and it seems to benefit more from having less complex time stuff and more from what we know (or think we know) about Timelords and the politics and backstabbing that goes on.


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