Prisoner in the Sun (2011)

Prisoner of the Sun is a story that I had high hopes for. I think that Eddie Robsn is one of the best writers that Big Finish use. Such stories as The Raincloud Man, The Condemned and most recently Situation Vacant are stories that I really rank highly. However this story falls slightly short and its sad to write this but it could be a contender for worst story of 2011. The story sees the Doctor imprisoned inside a sun and the Doctor cannot escape otherwise the sun will explode and kill two billion people.

The story starts off quite well as the captures know that the Doctor wont escape and risk the lives of billions which is quite clever but then the plot changes where in fact nothing happens and again I think that is clever and makes the drama better with a reasonable twist but then the story just nosedives in terms of quality. I have listened to this story three times and I just don’t get it and that is what I find disappointing about this story. It’s never made clear (or to me at least) what is actually going on. Was the Doctor aware of what was going on or is he just pretending? Just when I thought I had got a hand on what was going on something happens to make me confused. There are some good things in this release. I thought that Paul McGann put in a good performance and Sheridan Smith also had a good outing as she was playing an android called Daphney. Anthony Costa was a surprise as a former pop start I wondered whether his acting would be any good and actually it was. I would go so far to say that he was the best guest star. That’s not saying that that the rest of the cast aren’t any good but I was quite impressed with Mr. Costa.

I did like the end of the story with the message from Lucie, it leads in nicely to the next story ‘Lucie Miller’. I really have high hopes for this release. Prisoner of the Sun is not the weakest story of the series (that particular honour will always go to Nevermore) but its nothing special and that’s sad because after a good run of stories I was hoping that this story would continue the trend. I still think that Eddie Robson is a extremely good writer and I suppose that every writer is entitled to a below par story. Hopefully the next Eddie Rosbon story will seem him back to his best.


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