The Space Museum (1965)

The Space Museum is a story that I just cant get excited about no matter how many times I see it. This story features some truly awful sets and some poor performances. Written by Glyn Jones, this story was his only contribution to Doctor Who and it’s a shame because it’s a story that starts off with a mysterious theme but then descends into a comedy that isn’t quite a comedy. It’s clear from the various things about this story that it’s a story no one in the production team of the show wanted.

The first episode is very good. When the TARDIS crew arrive they don’t seem to be visible to the residents of the museum and they don’t make any footprints on the sand. The mystery is then created as to what is happening and when they see themselves in display cases they question how they get there. However that is where the story starts to go downhill because what we are left with is getting involved in the squabbles between the Morok’s and the Xerons. Neither side are particularly interesting and as I watched it I found myself wanting the bad guys (Morok’s) to win which isn’t a good thing. It’s hard to take the Morok’s seriously because they seem like they’ve been dumped their and the idea that they are stern serious guys is hard to believe. Likewise the Xerons seem just to be there to be take part in a young vs. old guys battle. The Xerons have those stupid double eyebrows which do nothing other to make them look different which makes you wonder that if they wanted to make them look different then give two heads or three arms, not more eyebrows.

Of the regulars, none of them come out of it in glory. Vicki seems to descend into Susan territory by being slightly irritating. I like Vicki because I think that Maureen O’Brien is a very good actress, but due to the poor script she is given a bad time in this and is lumbered with the Xerons. Hartnell also has to put up with the Morok’s but does seem to have fun messing with the Morok’s mind capture screen. William Russell and Jacqueline Hill do their best and probably get the best treatment but that’s not saying much really.

The Space Museum isnt a terrible story by any means. It moves along at a reasonable pace and its not as bad as stories such as The Gunfighters. The Space Museum is a slight dip in an otherwise fine run of Doctor/Ian/Barbara/Vicki stories and what really get the juices going is the final minute where the Dalek glides onto the screen. Despite Robert Shearman defending this story but failing. This story should be watched purely to see it.


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