Mission to the Unknown (1965)

Mission to the Unknown is a single twenty-five minute episode that was broadcast as a teaser to The Daleks Masterplan. Broadcast before ‘The Myth Makers’ this story stands out because not one of the regular cast members makes an appearance.

This story focuses on Jeff Garvey, Marc Cory and Gordon Lowery who are stranded on the planet Kembel. Garvey gets killed by Cory. Corey then finds that Garvey had a Varga thorn at the back of his head. Soon after that Lowry gets a Varga thorn in his hand before turning into a Varga plant. He uncovers the Daleks plans and records a tape telling the authorities of the plans but is exterminated before it can be sent. Though the tape survives (for the Doctor to find is several weeks time).

Despite not having any of the regulars in it. The three guest stars do a good job. Barry Jackson (Jeff Garvey), Edward de Souza (Marc Corey) and Jeremy Young (Gordon Lowery) manage to make this slightly more than a play of the day or week or whatever those single episode dramas that the BBC did at that time were called.

Sadly this story doesn’t exist on video but thanks to someone recording the sound we now have an idea of what it was like. The reason why the story came about was due to Planet of Giants being cut from four episodes to three and it was also Terry Nation’s attempt to write a Dalek story without the Doctor thus potentially paving the way for a series in the US. This episode is relatively ok with some interesting characters and of course it has the Daleks.


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