The Big Bang (2010)

Well after the dramatic ending to the previous episode I was left wondering how the episode was going to resolve itself. The episode saw the return of Amelia Pond who we saw way back in episode 1 (it does feel like a lifetime ago doesn’t it!). Like the previous episode there seems to be a long period of things happening before the title sequence. I did have the horrible feeling that the story was going to go ‘Lost’ on us and go backwards and forwards in time. Thankfully it was kept to a minimum. The site of the Doctor with a Fez and a mop is possibly one of the strangest sites in Doctor Who and that’s possibly saying something but what Steven Moffat has to do is to show the Doctor Who fans that he has the ability to take control of a series and deliver what people are expecting.

The story is that because the TARDIS exploded all the universes went kaput and never existed and it’s slowly wiping out everything with the Earth being the last thing. Amelia goes to the Museum where amongst the stone Daleks (possibly my favourite looking Dalek since the Gold/White livery ones from Remembrance) is the Pandorica Box. When Amelia opens the box she finds her older self in there. What happens throughout the episode is that the Doctor gives Rory the sonic screwdriver to open the box and then they put the dead Amy in there because it turns out that the box has the capatbility of keeping people alive. So when the box is opened 1,894 years from 120AD, Amy is all well and good. The story then moves on that the universe called essentially be rebooted by creating another Big Bang and the only way to do that is to explode the Pandorica in the exploding TARDIS and only the Doctor can do that. What we then get is a series of flashbacks to previous adventures in the series with a heartfelt moment where the Doctor is talking to a sleeping Amelia. The Doctor then goes into the crack and we go to Amy who is just about to get married. I liked how we finally got to me her mom and dad. It’s at the reception that Amy finds River Song’s book and starts to remember the Doctor which brings him back. The Doctor then gets a call to come to the Orient Express in Space and he is with Rory and Amy.

The first feeling that I had after the episode had finished was how underwhelmed I felt. In RTD era finale’s we got a conclusion to the season story arc and then there was 20 minutes of emotional blubber. I also found the beginning of the episode a bit odd. There was all this hullabaloo made over the Pandorica box and then the Doctor just magically appears. Also I would love someone to point out who kept saying “Silence will fall” in the previous episode. It was never mentioned in this episode and it was one of the things that I wanted to know. Also I must admit I am starting to find all this River Song not making it clear at what point things are happening in her life and saying “Spoilers” a tad bit irritating. It was fun to begin with but needs to stop soon. One thing I do like about this series is that Moffat isn’t embarrassed to roll off a series of complicated gobbledygook but does give a more simplified version for the likes of me to try and keep us engaged with the story.

This episode like this series was enjoyable. Matt Smith and Karen Gillan were superb throughout and apart from The Lodger which was ok, I found ever single episode to be dramatic and had a freshness to it that was lacking from the RTD era. I also found Rory to be a very likeable character that that is one of the surprises of the season. I was delighted when he came back at the beginning of the previous episode and equally delighted when he was still in the TARDIS at the end of the episode. Alex Kingston is very good as River Song but hopefully the next time she returns her role will have a little bit more substance that what we’ve had over the four episodes she appeared in. When the series returns in 2011, I hope that they continue with the different types of stories that have occurred in 2010. It does seem that the story left over from this series will spill into the next.


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