Guilt (2006)

The final part of I,Davros is written by Scott Alan Woodard who like Lance Parkin has written a really story for the main range involving Davros. For Woodard it was The Juggernauts (2005). This is perhaps the most important story of the series as it has to deliver the big pay-off that’s been building over the previous three stories. It also has to link up pretty well to the events of Genesis of the Daleks. The Davros that we have in this story is pretty much the Davros that we meet in Genesis. Guilt is a perfectly dark episode and pushes the grimness to as far as it possibly could. Such a grim scene included the child protection plan which leads to the children been taken out of their homes. There is also where Nyder comes into Davros’ mad schemes. It was great that they were able to get Peter Miles to reprise the role he first played in Genesis. Now normally there would be a massive finale at the end and if there wasn’t one then I would find it a massive disappointment but there wasn’t one really in this story and its sensible not to have because there is a story yet to be told.

Terry Molloy is simply brilliant. His version of Davros is slightly more deranged to Michael Wisher’s version. Every time that Molloy has played Davros it has been one of the highlights of the story. His Davros is totally engaging. Peter Miles is also very good in this story. It’s difficult to try and reprise a role that you played once over 30 years ago and when you have to play it again it has to be at years 10 years before the first time you played the character. Miles does that very well and sounds just as sinister as he did before.

As a stand alone story it’s the best of the four. As part of the storyline of Davros is also did its job. These four episodes have given Davros a back story that has been screaming out to be told. Its difficult to get four writers to work together and create a history of a deranged creator. But all four writers did a perfect job. For anyone who wants to know about what made Davros the way he is.


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