Corruption (2006)

The I,Davros series enters the final half and this is where the story gets serious. Lance Parkin has written this story who wrote the 2003 story Davros which was a brilliant offering. So I had high hopes on that basis and also because the first two parts were strong episodes. The Davros we meet in this is slightly unhinged. He is hungry for power and his hunt for knowledge leads to him involved in an accident. This is where the story starts heading in a great direction. We know that Davros is in a chair when we meet him in Genesis of the Daleks. But until now it’s never been known how it happened. Parkin could have blown this moment but the build up is brilliantly done. Whereas the first two parts saw a gradual development in the character of Davros it seems that the fast forward button was pressed on this was but instead of a rushed effort it was a well structured piece.

Terry Molloy is on brilliant form again. The Davros he gets to play is closer to the Davros we all know and love. The Davros he plays in the first two stories were good but weren’t really what we wanted. Carolyn Jones is brilliant as Lady Calcula. There is something about this women that just screams evilness on a whole different level. It almost makes you feel sorry for Davros. When she witnesses the Thal massacre her reaction was unexpected but totally what you would expect from her. John Stahl was another actor on fine form. As the Kaled supremo he is a character that is totally believable and its hard to believe anyone else could play the part.

Corruption is everything that I expected it to be. Its dark and grim but totally engaging. There are characters in this series that are some of the strongest that I have ever heard. It sets up the final part up brilliantly and if there is ever another story about Davros then Lance Parkin should be asked to write it because he has definitely got a handle on the character.


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