Memory Lane (2006)

Memory Lane marks the first contribution of Eddie Robson. Memory Lane is quite a complex story as you would expect. Ever since the Doctor, Charley and C’Rizz left the divergent universe at the end of 2004. The type of stories that McGann has had over the last two or three years could be defined as more complex than other Doctor’s adventures. The story sees the TARDIS land in the living room of Mrs Braudy who quite surprising thinks nothing of a 1960’s Police Box landing in her living room. What also is quite surprising is that she treats them as friends. When the Doctor goes out onto the streets he discovers that every house is the same with an identical Mrs Braudy inside with her grandson Tom who appears on TV. There is something quite eerie about Tom because he is much older physically than mentally.

The characters are something that Robson should be praised for. The Doctor and his companions are given some got lines to act against each other. Paul McGann has some good moments and Charley and C’Rizz are on equal good form. Mrs Braudy was a likeable and warm character that you just could fault and was brilliantly played by Nina Baden-Semper. She is the beginning of a long list of good supporting actors. In particular Sara Carver was who played Kim. Its always good when a character who’s a bit sharp gets put into a Doctor Who story. However for big names it was Anneke Wills who wins the prize. Wills previously appeared as Lady Louisa Pollard in Zagreus and she has such a great voice that it doesn’t matter who she plays she adds something to a story.

I have to admit that I found Memory Lane to be a bit dull. It seemed to just plod along at times and not really feel dramatic. Sad to say that for a first time writer, Eddie Robson hasn’t hit the right notes with this story. In the year when Doctor Who comes back on TV it is now more important than ever to have stories that hit the right mark. Memory Lane wont go down as my Top 5 but I sense than I might be in a minority on this one.


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