The Rapture (2002)

Now I have to admit that I was dreading this story when I realised that it was set in Ibiza which is where people go for drugs and head banging music before throwing up again. What is Doctor Who doing here? The story isn’t quite what you would expect and that starts with the cover. It’s not the traditional cover that you would expect but at the end of the day this isn’t a traditional story. This is the first story to come from Joseph Lidster and as with first time writers in this range I think it will turn out to be his best story.

Joseph Lidster has done a brilliant job writing a story that has two plots going for it. The first and most important is the story of Ace. At this point she is now called herself Dorothy McShane and is far more grown up due to the events that took place during the end of Colditz. During this story she meets her long-lost brother. Now this is perhaps her most emotional story since The Curse of Fenric. The ‘B’ plot is about two ‘angels’ called Gabriel and Jude who have chosen Ibiza to build their rapture because as we all known that it is a terrible place. It turns out that they are refugees from another dimension with the intention of taking all the selfish people of Ibiza back to their dimension. This may as well have not taken place because it was just in the way of the Ace/Liam story.

Sophie Aldred steals the show as she take the character of Ace that she has been playing in various forms for over 10 years and taken it into a new direction. You could argue that it was Lidster’s writing that helped with this but or me it was Aldred that helped make the play what it is. David John had a really important part to play as Ace’s brother. He manages to make the storyline really emotional and John is a credit to the story. Sylvester McCoy doesn’t really have much to do in this story and very much takes a back seat in this story. That said he is still does have some nice scenes and his relationship with Sophie Aldred continues to impress me how it’s developed over the years. Another good piece of casting was Anne Bird who played Caitriona which I found to be a thoroughly interesting character. Tony Blackburn is not a name that I would ever have thought would appear in a Doctor Who play. It’s not an important part (The DJ) but it’s an impressive piece of casting.

The Rapture isn’t a story that should be judged based on the front cover or the blub. It’s a story that has a lot going for it and is possibly the strongest Seventh Doctor/Ace story that there has been on Big Finish. Jason Haigh-Ellery has done a very good job in directing and not allowing the nightclub Ibiza part take over the story and make this a forgettable adventure. The Rapture is an enjoyable piece.


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