Project Infinity (2001)

After the shocking ending of the last part. This final instalment has a lot to try and live up to in 70 minutes. With Suz dead it was going to be interesting how they could carry on without her. Alby is devastated over the death of Suz and Kalendorf is also grieving but knows that he has to carry on to try and defeat the Daleks. There are some things that don’t quite make sense. For one the notion that the Seers of Yaldos have a mental link with Suz so if the link is still there then it means that she is still alive. Confusing?? Well yes if you’re like me. The character of Mirana becomes more central to the story. She is finally uncovered as a Dalek agent and coincidences above coincidences it turns out she has a link to the Dalek Emperor.

The story is all about Project Infinity and that is what is driving the Daleks. Alby, Kalendorf get to the Lopra system where they find Tanlee where he turns out to be a Dalek agent. Is there anyone in the universe who isn’t a Dalek agent? We find out what Project Infinity is, it turns out that it opens up a window into alternative realities. The Earth Alliance figure that if they can work out the coordinates of a reality where the Daleks have been defeated then they can learn how to defeat the Daleks. As plans go it is quite a good one. It was what I was hoping it would be.

The ending of the story was perfect conclusion to a very good series. The characters have all been well maintained and despite some highly unlikely revelations they still are very good characters. The plot was well structured to develop at the right pace and give the pay off in this episode. The series have been a joy to listen to and here’s hoping that there is a second series.


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