Machines (2009)

The next instalment sees the story start to make a bit more sense. Now that we are in the business end of the series it is now that the series has to start making sense. Start to tie up all the loose ends that have been hanging around such as what is Paul Hunt upto? Will Hazel ever get to be reunited with Becca? The opening of this episode saw the resolution of what Hazel saw in the containers. We all know what it was but the reaction was well handled and acted out by Jo Castleton. Sam becomes involved with Yan and Hazel. Yet again she tries to hide the fact that she is an android. It was clever how she managed to deflect any interest in her by trying to help Yan. It was fairly obvious that this wasn’t going to last because it was Hazel that discovered Sam’s secret. However she (Hazel) decided not to tell the others. It was probably best that it was Hazel that discovered them because if it was one of the other then everyone would have known and that would wreck the story.

The spy was finally revealed and to me it was a nice surprise when it turned out to be Chessman. The moment that it was revealed the actor seemed to change, he was more like Paul Hunt. Speaking of Hunt, his involvement is starting to become more clear. He is trying to dispel the unrest at his administration and thinks that by setting Barnaby up as a war criminal and executing him on Earth he will become more popular. If he can make this work then he the Cybermen will be able to continue with their plan. Its nice now that they have finally started putting some meat on the character of Hunt in this series. So far it was only the Sam/Hazel and Barnaby/Richter stories that seemed to be going somewhere.

James Swallow yet again should be praised for what he has done in this series. The whole feeling of this series has really impressed me as it feels like some of the other spin-off series that Big Finish produces and that is a compliment because the standard feel is one where you can press play on your CD player or iPod and actually get to the end and not realise that 70 minutes or whatever has passed. For the first time in this series I have felt that things were really starting to make sense. I have to mention again how the monologues are really getting on my nerves. You could probably justify them at the beginning but by now they are really irrelevant. Apart from that what Machines did was to set up the final part brilliantly. I really don’t know what I will do when this series has finished.


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