Scaredy Cat (2005)

Scaredy Cat is the second story since the Eighth Doctor left the Divergent Universe. This story is quite an eerie story with some creepy moments in it. This story is the second to come from Will Shindler who wrote The Twilight Kingdom (2004) which I was a big fan of. The story sees the Doctor, Charley and C’Rizz arrive on the planet Endarra. The first thing that struck me was how short it was compared to most stories. The story runs at around 1 hour and 20 minutes which is around 20 minutes shorter than normal. That’s nearly a full episode they could have fitted in which leads me to wonder if they could not have found something to fill this gap.

Despite the short amount of time this story is forced to move at a fast pace. The idea that that a planet and a child could become one is something that I found quite interesting. The story does take quite a while to get started but by episode two. The story between the Doctor and C’Rizz seemed to step up a gear with a relationship that isnt your normal Doctor/Companion one.

The story is an interesting one, besides that it gives McGann’s Doctor a new lease of life and this reflects in his performance. But it is in many ways Conrad Westmaas’ story as C’Rizz is given a lot of time. Westmaas is very good and uses his time brilliantly, I loved the different side of his character. He seems to have developed an attitude almost bitchy since he left the divergent universe. India Fisher seems to suffer from the lack of air time, she hardly has anything to do throughout which is a shame because she is a really good character.

Unfortunately this story will stick in my memory due to the shortness. This story does have some good points but the most important is that it’s the fresh start that the Eighth Doctor stories need. After too long in the Divergent Universe we can final get back to a more traditional DW story.


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