Thicker Than Water (2005)

Thicker Than Water is the sequel to the 2004 story Arrangements for War. Three years after the events of Arrangements. This is Evelyn’s last story in terms of chronology. So when her last story actually takes place you know that it’s the one before this one. As sequels go it wouldn’t quite match Project: Lazarus.

The story does have an unexpected appearance from the Seventh Doctor and its revealed that his companion Hex was the son of Cassie from Project Twilight (2001) and Project Lazarus (2003) which was worth listening to this on its own. It has a massive effect on the Doctor. The Seventh Doctor crosses his own timeline (which were told thousands of time that he cant do) to inform his former companion. Evelyn has always felt a bit of resentment at the Doctor and the Seventh Doctor coming back to tell her that Cassie’s son becomes his companion is something that was unexpected in a story that I felt was going a bit flat.

It was good to have Gabriel Woolf and Rachel Pickup back in this as I thought that they were very good in Arrangements for War. Colin Baker was very good in this. You could genuinely sense the sadness at having been separated from his former companion. Bonnie Langford didn’t really have much of an impact in this story and seemed to be there only to emphasise where in the Doctor’s timeline this story is set. That said its good to hear Bonnie Langford reprise her role of Mel as the Big Finish version of Mel is a lot better than what we saw on TV. Maggie Stables is absolutely brilliant in this story. Stables gives a different Evelyn and is my favourite of the newly created companions for Big Finish.

After all is said and done, its not the big guns blazing ending that I was hoping for but then again at least things were resolved between the Doctor and Evelyn, Even if Mel was there to get in the way, three’s a crowd remember.


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