Vengeance of Morbius (2008)

Vengeance of Morbius is a story that ticks all the right boxes to create a fantastic finale. Following on from the events of Sisters of the Flame, this story slowly builds up to the first appearance of Morbius. The purpose of the story is made clear. Zarodnix has bought Karn with the intention of resurrecting Morbius and needs Time Lord DNA along with a piece of Morbius’ brain stem to bring the renegade Time Lord back.

There is one negative point I feel I should make and that is despite being mentioned in the title and also appearance on the cover, Morbius doesn’t really feature in it as much as I was hoping. I think it would have been better for him to appear at some point in Sisters in the Flame. Having mentioned that his involvement in this story was brilliant. Going back to Gallifrey and defeat the Time Lords was a big moment in the story and would have looked good on television.

We are treated to one of the most shocking endings that I have ever known in all the years that I have been listening to Doctor Who stories on CD. Mirroring scenes (of sorts) in The Brain of Morbius, the Doctor and Morbius are fighting on the edge of the cliff that Morbius fell from in the story. Both of them fell to their death, due to the actions of the Time Lords rewriting Morbius’ history means that they cant save the Doctor so he is left in limbo. With Lucie traumatised by the events (as you imagine she would be) she is taken back to Earth to try and resume her life. However after the theme tune has finished we are treated by Mr Briggs with the shocking return of the Headhunter who fires a gun and then we are left with a scream from Lucie so we don’t know what the hell is going on.

Paul McGann put in his best performance for quite sometime. There was intensity in his performance and he was given the dialogue to really show why he would have been a great Doctor had the US TV Movie worked. Sheridan Smith also gave a superb performance as her character was at her finest when the Doctor had fallen off the cliff and facing the Headhunter again. Samuel West deserves some praise for playing Morbius. The character had a lot of menace about him and would have given the Master a run for his money.

As a single story it’s a brilliantly paced and has loads of action. As a two-parter its even better. All the things that were going on in Sisters of Flame paid off and what we were left with a fantastic piece of drama. Nicholas Briggs has done a superb job with this story and giving a fitting conclusion to this series. McGann and Smith will obviously be back but in what form? Bravo.


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