Real Time (2002)

This story was made by Big Finish but originally released on BBCi which is an interactive service. Admittedly I didn’t listen to it like this but when it was released on CD a few years later. Gary Russell is the man responsible for this as both writer and director. The story had a lot riding on it, for most people at the time (mid-2002) no one really knew about the Cybermen except for die hard fans of Doctor Who and/or Big Finish.

The story itself is very good. Its restricted by the length of each episode (15 minutes) but it was still a nice strong plot that felt like a proper Big Finish/Doctor Who story. It had a more adult feel to it with some quite dark and gory moments. This story works best when listening it with the images that were designed specially for the BBC website.

Colin Baker and Maggie Stables are on usual fine form. It’s only a short time since they started together and now it seems like they have been doing for more than 2 years. Maggie Stables arguably is given more to do and ultimately has the better story. Its nice to note that the Sixth Doctor has shed his horrible multi-coloured coat and gone for a more eye sensitive blue coat. But its Yee Jee Tso who appeared in the Paul McGann TV Movie (1996), his character of Doctor Reese Goddard was one that appeared to be nothing special but then there was a major plot twist that his character was involved with.

If I had to find a fault it would be with the logic of having to watch this on the internet. I think that most people wont have fast internet connection and so would struggle to enjoy it at all. Having said that if you were listening to it on CD your still going to enjoy the story and actually might come up with some different images in your head. Still an enjoyable release with that everyone should listen to especially if you like the Cybermen to be a bit darker than you have seen them on TV.


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