The One Doctor (2001)

The One Doctor is a comedy that is actually quite funny. Its almost a pantomime but doesn’t quite cross that line. The story has quite a lot of jokes and funny descriptions of aliens and games that it is very enjoyable. Comedy stories are quite a risk as they either go to far or are just not funny so it was

The basic thing of the story is that there is a conman called Banto Zame who is pretending to be the Doctor. He also has an assistant called Sally-Anne. Zame uses hoax threats to scare people before coming in to save the day.

This story has quite a lot of big names. Christopher Biggins who has starred in such things as Porridge was very good as Banto. He gave quite an OTT performance but it was still enjoyable. Clare Buckfield was a wonderful assistant to Banto as Sally Anne. The pair could have had their own series. Matt Lucas who is now famous for being in Little Britain was very good as the Jelloid and also the Cylinder.

Colin Baker and Bonnie Langford were both brilliant in this story and acted in the way that the story was supposed to be. They didn’t treat it deadly serious or treat it like an episode from Only Fools and Horses but as a light hearted story. In the few stories that Bonnie Langford has done I have managed to change my opinion of her. She’s still irritating on TV but in future stories when I hear that she is doing a story I wont be so quick to moan.

The One Doctor is a perfect story to listen to if you want cheering up or stuck in a traffic jam.


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