I.D (2007)

I.D is a truly unique story. Well its new for Big Finish anyway. This release has two stories over four episodes. I.D is a three part story whilst the fourth episode is a single 25 minute adventure. To start this new way of putting the releases out they have chosen Eddie Robson who has become one of the best writers so far with such stories as Memory Lane (2006).

The I.D story was quite a complicated one I found. The idea that people who basically have their personalities uploaded onto a computer chip was quite a good one. There are also people who are a new version of dyslexic. These people’s brain can’t connect with a computer which is probably what will happen in the 32nd century.

As much as I wanted to like Urgent Calls I must say I was disappointed with it. All these single episodes stories are set to form part of the virus strand. The story needed much longer than 25 minutes. I also sort that the story (as it was) was a bit dull. The chances of the same two people just happening to meet each other on the phone stretched the believability factor a bit too far. Colin Baker did his best to try and make it a bit entertaining but ultimately it was a lacklustre story that just did nothing for me. Baker has a wonderful chemistry with Kate Brown. In particular Brown manages to show a genuine niceness about her character which shines through.

As a whole release I must say that this 3+1 format has potential. I think it would require the single part story to be extended by 10 minutes but the 3 episode format is ideal for some stories because a lot of the regular stories have to have a lot of padding to make it fit four episodes.


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