Project: Twilight (2001)

Well two Colin Baker stories in two months and their both absolute crackers. This one is perhaps the more impressive as it doesn’t rely on an old monster to help the story. This story is also far more grittier and darker than Bloodtide and this is why it has to be considered a serious contender for story of the year.

This story is set presumably on modern day earth. Though with most Earth set stories in Doctor Who a ‘modern’ story is usually four years in the future so we could assume this story was set in 2005. The opening scene was very well acted out by Colin Baker and Maggie Stables. There’s something quite charming about a Timelord who has travelled billions of miles in space and time and who has enjoyed some of the finest cuisines imaginable and he seems to enjoy some greasy Chinese takeaway on the Thames.

This story relies heavily on the characters rather than the plot. The character of Reggie (played by Rob Dixon) was one of the best guest characters. The character is a complete nasty piece of work and at times very psychotic. Even before he is revealed to be a vampire its clear that there is something sinister about him. The character of Cassie is one that is written and played to be quite an emotional one and it is down to Rosie Cavaliero and Maggie Stables who had a sort of Mother/Daughter bond that helps give the listener an emotional connection. Its hard not to feel some sort of sadness about Cassie after we find out what a miserable existence she has had. The character of Amelia Doory (played by Holly De Jong) was another very well acted character that helped paint a grim picture in my mind. Stephen Chase (Nimrod) was also another actor who gave a simply stunning performance. The character proves to be nutter who created the Twilight project. These four actors should be congratulated for providing Colin Baker and Maggie Stables with something wonderful to act against.

This story has to be placed in my top 10 stories. Cavan Scott & Mark Wright have written a truly superb story that had nothing but good things in it. Gary Russell deserves a mention for directing this story in a way that wouldn’t be out of place on TV.


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