The Wormery (2003)

Let me get this out of the way. The Wormery is terrible. This story has nothing good about it and I found myself just bemused at how bad it was. Following on from a complex and imaginative Zagreus release we somehow are left with a story that just bumbles through four episodes.

This story sees the return of Iris Wildthyme which wasn’t a massive reason to cheer. Its great that we get to hear Katy Manning on a Doctor Who release but surely something that a bit more suitable. Having a drunk Iris was fun awhile then you start wishing that she would sober up then she would be a good companion for the Doctor. Also the Tequila Worms as interesting as they might be they were just your typical alien menace. Nothing spectacular.

The story isn’t without its good points. The setting of a 1930’s club was interesting and the way that Mickey was telling the story and more over I found her voice almost mesmoring. Jane MacFarlane could read the phone book like this and it would be an interesting four parter. Returning to Katy Manning I thought that she was better in this then in the Excelis story and I also found that she worked better with Colin Baker than she did with Peter Davison. Baker’s Doctor’s reaction when he saw Iris was quite funny and helped add a bit of humour to proceedings.

If you want to say that you have listen to every Big Finish play then listen to The Wormery. However I would stay away from this. It’s a shame that I write this about a Sixth Doctor story but the sooner he gets back with Evelyn or Peri or Mel the better.


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