The Church and the Crown (2002)

Amazingly its been over a year since The Eye of the Scorpion (released in September 2001). This is another purely historical story and yet again I found myself enjoying it which I wasn’t expecting. Certain aspects of this story are not exactly original. Such as Peri being mistaken for someone else.

Certain scenes are done with a bit of tongue-in-cheek which actually works. The swashbuckling scenes were very entertaining but I liked how Nicola Bryant played Queen Anne. As Bryant has been playing the role of Peri for nearly 20 years there isn’t much more that she could do to make the character sound any different (apart from older) so its refreshing when she does something different. Her scenes with King Louis (played by Andrew Mackay) were enjoyable as Mackay plays the role of the King with such repulsiveness that it becomes fun to listen to. Having pointed that out it seems quite bizarre that the writers have decided that Erimem shouldn’t be the main focus of the story, given that its her second story I would have thought this was her best chance to show what she can do. Instead they seem to have wasted.

This isn’t quite on the level of Project: Twilight (2001) which Scott & Wright wrote. Then again The Church and the Crown doesn’t have any vampires in it. This story is a likeable adventure which shows how this combination has the potential to become a strong one. The Peri/Erimem relationship is nicely played one which is a sister-like one and that means that the Doctor’s role can be more like a father.

If you’re a fan of historical stories then you’ll love this story. Even if your not your still going to find enough in this story to like. Hopefully they will do better in pushing Erimem in the next story.


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