Dreamtime (2005)

The Harvest was a superb vehicle for Hex and I had hopes that his first adventure as a member of the TARDIS would be a much better one than what we got here. Dreamtime is the second story to come from Simon Forward who wrote The Sandman (2002). Unfortunately I didn’t like Sandman so its sad that I have the same opinion of this story. The problem that I have with this story is that it seems to be a bit to pyscadelic and just didn’t grip me at any point of this story. It just seemed like they were going through the motions of getting Hex’s first adventure out of the way. Hex is given enough to do the classic companion thing of being in awe of an alien world. Forward uses Hex in a good way. Ace is also good in this story which continues to show her growing up from the backpack carrying Nitro9 explosive youngster that we saw on TV. There are some interesting moments the does standout for me in this story such as the use of Galyari who is aggressive and is a thankful saviour to the supporting characters of this story.

Take the novelty of having Hex in the TARDIS out of the equation then what we are left with is an average story that isn’t as good as it should be. I found my attention slipping several times during this story which isn’t good. A shame for Hex’s first story as an official companion.


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