The Land of the Dead (2000)

The Land of the Dead is a story that unfortunately starts off well but doesn’t quite make it. I like the fact that it has Nyssa as played by Sarah Sutton who was on TV between 1981 and 1983. This is also the third story so far to feature the Fifth Doctor. Stephen Cole is the author of this story and is also the Executive Producer for the BBC. Gary Russell takes the directors chair and tries to do his best with what is given.

The story just seems to go through the motions and there is no real essence to the story. Sure The Doctor and Nyssa get on with each other just like they did all those years ago but it’s the rest of the story and the characters that leave me slightly disappointed. The only thing I loved about it was how Sarah Sutton glides effortlessly back into the role of Nyssa. I think that Nyssa was the best companion of the 1980’s and worked best when she was without Tegan or Adric hogging all the action.

I must admit that I did like the isolation setting. It’s a classic Doctor Who element as it has worked so many times over the years. The Shaun Brett character (played by Christopher Scott) is your typical millionaire who has desires to become infamous but ends up unleashing terror.

At the end of the day it’s not a terrible story by any means but hopefully when the Fifth Doctor and Nyssa get another outing it will be in a slightly stronger story. Stephen Cole had all the elements in this story but just seem to have difficulty in making it click into place.


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