Partners in Crime (2008)

Well 467 days after she last appeared in Doctor Who, Catherine Tate returns to Doctor Who except she is going to be a proper companion and go down in Doctor Who history. The main concern I had was that the producers were not going to change the character of Donna but after watching Partners in Crime I think they have done the right thing and toned he annoyance down. The whole episode had a comedy feel to it which is fine as long as it doesnt take control of the whole episode which it seemed to in New Earth but didnt in this case. The main baddie was Miss Foster who seemed very Supernanny and she was quite convincing as a baddie. The thing that annoys me in some Doctor Who stories is what is their reason for being there and the situation that they are in not being explained clearly enough but it this case the explanation was satisfactory.

David Tennant was as usual on good form in this episode and his reaction at seeing Donna did remind me on the Fifth Doctor’s reaction to Tegan coming back to the team in Arc of Infinity. The scene where he sees Donna again for the first time was a really funny moment and well played by Tennant. Catherine Tate was also good in this story, there were glimpses of the old Donna from the Runaway Bride but on the whole it was a different Donna that appeared. Her relationship with her mother was well played but it was with her grandad that was most hearwarming. Wilfred Mott had appeared in Voyage of the Damned and according to Doctor Who confidential wasnt supposed to appear but due to the sudden death of Howard Attfield as Donna’s Dad. Bernard Cribbins is a familiar face to Doctor Who fans as he appeared in the 1966 movie Dalek Invasion of Earth 2150AD was very good in his scenes with Donna and the moment at the end of the episode was well acted, it showed that he wasnt angry or jealous of Donna but happy for her and that was a nice thing in this episode.

The Adipose were curious creatures as they seemed not really to have a purpose other that waiting to go home yet when they were walking in the streets seemed quite menacing and that must have been the plan for Russell T Davies. The most shocking thing was the appearance of Rose, last seen in the 2006 season finale she appeared for a few moments before vanashing. Was she a ghost or is she able to jump between worlds which we were told was impossible. I have to say that I was to bemused to think about that at the moment and it was until afterwards that I wondering how this would pan out in future episodes. Whilst it wasnt as good as Smith and Jones it was far better than New Earth and I am far more confident about the series with Donna in it that before I watched this episode.


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