Exit Wounds (2008)

Over the previous 12 episodes one thing that has impressed me above all was how consistantly good the episodes have been. None of them are what I would call poor which isnt what I could have said of Season 1. Following on from the previous episode which was brilliant I have to say that this finale is the icing on a huge cake. I like the character of Captain John and it was nice to see him in this episode. It was quite a surprise that he was being used by Jack brother and also it was shocking to see the death of Tosh and for the second time this series Owen.

There were several things that I liked about this episode, the first was that Jack was buried in AD 27 Cardiff but ended up in a box in Torchwood. This was explain in a really good way after being found by the staff of the 1901 Torchwood. I thought the deaths of Owen and Tosh were played really well and by the end of the episode I thought that it was one of the finest episodes of the entire series.
All the action was well done and none of it was soppy drivel. The episode was a fittng climax to a series that has delivered quality episodes time and time again.


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