Adrift (2008)

I wasn’t expecting very much from this episode when I saw the trailer last week. Especially with that PC bloke that Gwen worked with when she was in the police. But I have to admit that I was wrong, this episode had the same emotional impact and dramatic quality that Adam had earlier in the series.

This was a Gwen episode really as she got involved with what seemed like a missing persons case. Soon she discovered that the rift is picking these people up out and it turns out that some are return but mentally disturbed from what they have seen. The biggest revelation is that we see a new side to Jack because he has been hiding the base that the rift survivors return to obviously for some time, we learned more about him in the last few episode than we have since he made his debut in Doctor Who. The scene where Johan is reunited with his mum was a fantastically emotional moment as there had only been seven months but he must have aged 30 or 40 years.

There were some scenes that I thought was unnecessary, the scene where Gwen walks in on Ianto and Jack and its obvious what they are doing. I just thought that it detracted from what was a fine plot with good direction and nice shots. The other thing I liked what that there was more Rhys, he is a character that is growing on me as he doesn’t seem so stupid and childlike as he did in Series 1. He seemes to have some fantastic scenes with Gwen.


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