From Out of the Rain (2008)

This story is from Peter J Hammond who had penned Small Worlds from Series 1 and I have to say that I think that this story is better. The setting was absolutely spot on, the rain and the night both helped create an imaginative and visual episode.

The main baddie was very eerie and very good. It was nice to see another part of Jack’s past even though the storyline with Ianto and Jack is starting to get a bit dull and repetitive.

I like the idea that the Night Travellers are seeking revenge for Cinema killing the freak show. Another aspect that I liked was that the ghosts of the victims are some sort of trophy, I thought that it was a well used idea. The whole story had a touch of elegance which is something that you don’t get very often in drama, the the way the shots were done and some of the locations were lovely to look at.

Unusally the episode seem Tosh light which may be explained in future episodes but to be honest I didn’t notice until about 35 minutes in. John Barrowman was as usual on good form along with Eve Myles and Gareth David Lloyd but Burn Gorman seemed to be the happiest and most relaxed throughout the entire episode. Julian Bleach (a name we will get to know quite well I think) was the best of the guest cast as the Ghost??, he was scary but not OTT.

An Enjoyable episode.


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