Cuddlesome (2008)

This special release for Doctor Who Magazine sees The Fifth Doctor battling cuddly teddy bears. Now normally this would be a big cause for concern but as I was listening to it the concern quickly disappeared. The idea that there were teddy bears that could kill reminded me of the 1971 Jon Pertwee adventure ‘Terror of the Autons’.

The plot was quick and constant, the revelation of what the cuddlesome’s reason for all the evilness was different but plausible. It set the story up and concluded in a satisfactory way and by the end of it I felt that I enjoyed the story. Peter Davison was great as the Doctor and his Doctor was on top form. Roberta Taylor who is more famous for starring in the ITV drama The Bill and had appeared in the 2000 play The Holy Terror was the best guest star in this play as the temporary companion Angela Wisher. Timothy West who had appeared in the BBC7/Eighth Doctor play Phobos (2007) was not far behind as the creator of the Cuddlesomes. David Troughton, son of the Second Doctor Patrick, was also good as The Tinghus.

Enjoyable Stuff


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