Dead Man Walking (2008)

This story follows on directly from Reset and the shock of Owen dieing after been shot by Jim Robinson. What follows is the finest 50 minutes that has been produced by Torchwood. There was so much going on that I lost track of the time and was really shocked when the episode ended.

There were so many scenes that worked very well like when Jack goes into the abandoned church where all the weevils are sleeping. The moment that Jack bought the box back to the Hub I instantly remembered the episode from Series 1 where Ianto says to Jack that Gloves come in pairs. Bringing back Owen seemed like an obvious thing but it was well done because it was interesting to see how Owen would react to being dead, the scene when Owen gets chatted up in the nightclub but Owen couldn’t go through with it was funny.

Martha was better in this story as she seemed to fit in with the Torchwood group for the first time. The moment where the glove attacks her and she ages quite a lot was a truly surprising moment but the make up didn’t really work like it did with the Doctor in Sound of Drums/Last of the Timelords. The special effects in this story are some of the best that I have seen in either Doctor Who or Torchwood ever. The skeletons/death effects were so realistic and the moment where the death figure walks towards the kid in the corridor was a truly terrifying moment. I thought the scene of the entire episode was where Owen fights the Death figure was so good effects wise and was so well filmed I was just waiting for something to go wrong and look dodgy but there wasn’t and I think it will take a long time for this effect to be beaten.

This was Owen’s episode and it just as well that this story occurred in the second series because if it had happened in series one then I don’t think that I would have liked it as much but the Owen that is in this episode was truly fantastic and the moments where his eyes turned black was a shocking sight and helped move the tension up.

This episode was the best one that has been aired in this series so far


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