Adam (2008)

When I saw the trailer for this story I really wasn’t looking forward to it. It looked like the show was returning to its old ways of having emotional stories with very little in the way of interest. But how wrong I was, this story showed us another side to all the characters but most importantly saw the biggest insight into Captain Jack’s past. The story started in a strange way which I thought was quite a shock, for once you were thrown into the story instead of seeing it from the beginning. I genually thought that I had missed the first 10 minutes or something like that but when I realised what was actually going on it seem quite a nice way to start an episode.

Another thing that was interesting and kind of weird was how the main characters were completely different from what they normally are. Tosh was confident and in love, Owen was a geek who had lost his cockiness and Gwen had forgotten who Rhys was. The most shocking thing was seeing Ianto emotionally destroyed thinking he had brutally attacked and killed women. Jack’s journey was perhaps the most interesting because we got a glimpse into his past. What he was like as a child and the fact he lost his brother was perhaps the most emotional few minutes in Torchwood. After waiting nearly three years to find out anything about the character, what we did find out about Jack was worth it. The scene where the team are being hypnotised and about the take the amnesia pill was well acted and well written, when Tosh was saying goodbye to Adam was really sad as you knew that she was about to say goodbye to the only person who had any feelings for her ever.

A very good episode which was far better than expected and infact I would go so far as to say that it was the best episode of the series so far.


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