Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2008)

The first episode of a brand new series starts in its usual weird way. A weird looking alien (in a sports car of all things) being chased by the Torchwood gang minus Jack. The first thing that I was impressed about was James Marsters. He was a very good character and you knew that he was up to no good but when he did turn it was very well done. The other thing that impressed me was how much more structured it seemed. It never slowed down once and the characters don’t seem as annoying as they did in the first series. Tosh seems more lively, Owen seems less idiotic, Gwen did less of the dumb blond acting and Ianto seemed less wooden. Jack also seemed different as he didn’t seem so determined to be centre of attention like he usually does. I don’t know whether that will change in future episodes but for now it’s the sort of Jack that I could get used to.

Some sequences were well directed, the fighting scene at the bar where Jack and John were fighting and crashing through everything and then having a drink chatting was really different. The moment at the end where the woman that John had murdered (which you knew he did about 10 seconds after he mentioned that she had died) had placed a trap which would kill John in 10 minutes, the action that occurred afterwards was well shot and really dramatic. There were some things that did worry me, the bit at the beginning with the blowfish and the lady at the Zebra crossing was just terrible, why would a creature a) drive a sports car and b) stop to let someone across the road and then to cap it off the horrible Torchwood car/monstrosity stops and asks the woman if she had seen the blowfish and when they went she said ‘bloody torchwood’. It just ruined that opening moment for me.

On the whole it is perhaps the best story that has been made of Torchwood, the script was very good and the acting is far better than it had been in the previous series and that is probably because the production team and the cast are finally starting to get the hang of these characters.


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