Dalek Empire 4 – The Fearless (Part 3) (2007)

The third instalment of Dalek Empire 4 is without doubt the best. This part was about Kade’s attempt to try and assassinate Susan Mendes. The plot was very strong and it was well supported by some fine acting. There were some classic moments including the moment where Kade and Fisk have a row, what was so supprising was the intensity of it and also the fact that it was so unexpected because they had been the best of friends for the past two stories so when the moment did come it was well acted by both actors. The star of the story in my opinion was the character of Ollander, she for me has proved to be one of the most under rated characters in the whole series. She did well in part two but it was in this part when she tried to paint the picture that Kade and his men were the murderers for wanting to kill a woman who in her eyes was only doing good was a turning point for the story of this episode and confirmed to me what a great character she is.

Of the other characters Noel Clarke continues to impress. His attitude when his dead wife and child are mentioned was not overplayed and was used to heighten the emotional tension. Maureen O’Brian had her best story yet. She seems to me to a manipulative character who is using people’s emotions to do her work. Its one that at the moment only seems to shine when it is against someone like Silus Kade.

This story seem to be a single part story in a series but even if that’s not the case it was still a cracking episode and it is the best one that Nicholas Briggs has penned. Brilliant.


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